About us

As far as we know, we’ve designed the world’s strongest structure made by man. So what, you might think. Well, we think it’s a game changer.

NITIU consists of dedicated engineers with a passion for complexity, transformative solutions and collaboration headed by our founders Nina Holmblad, Patrik Eriksson and Michail Stockfelt. We are convinced that we need to gather all available forces to bend the curve into a more sustainable development. Hence, we have connected with a strong team from academia and the industry to co-create with us.

What would you need the world’s strongest structure for then? When Sandvik decided to manufacture a totally unbreakable guitar, they turned to NITIU for the most critical part, the neck. To test its strength, they asked one of the most guitar smashing rockstar there is, Yngwie Malmsten, to go ahead with his thing. He didn’t manage to break it.

Super strong guitars won’t change the world, but it was a fun test. What we aim for is more of a revolution for energy storage. Because the world needs to transform quickly from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and in order to do that, we need to find viable solutions for energy storage. That’s what we need the world’s strongest structure for.

Welcome to the world of NITIU!

Our network

Transformation requires a pool of brainpower, a variety of disciplines and a common determination to stretch boundaries. We’ve teamed up with the best: Sandvik, Linde, Powercell and Statkraft just to mention a few, plus academia for science-based decisions.

NITIU is originally a network, or with modern wording a think-tank of researchers and entrepreneurs. Since the start in the 60s, the purpose has been to bounce ideas and challenge status quo. NITIU still works as an arena where academia and industry meet.


Arnfinn Fredriksson

Has a long career at Sandvik. During the recent years, Arnfinn has focused on regional growth and development, both as a support to start up’s and through the Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

“I am thrilled and honored to be part of NITIU’s strive to contribute to a sustainable society through the innovation of the ILS structure.”

Peter Larsson

After more than 35 years in Swedish industry, mainly in the field of finance, Peter has since 2012 been engaged in supporting local small companies in their development.

“I see NITIU’s ongoing work as a very exciting business opportunity that can contribute to a necessary strive for increased sustainability.”

Malin Eriksson

Malin works as Marketing Manager at Gävle Energi and has extensive experience from both the public sector and business, such as CEO at Wij Trädgårdar in Ockelbo, Sweden. 

Malin is mostly involved in strategy, sustainability and communication issues at NITIU.

Per Carlsson

Per Carlsson is Chairman of the Board of Directors at Esri Polska, the only authorized Polish distributor of Esri Inc., USA – world leader in geographic information system development (GIS). 

Per has a passion for sustainable businesses and see GIS and location intelligence as powerful drivers for change.