Our proposition

ILS® is simply a steel structure that is stronger than any other structure we know of – in all directions. The combination of steel with extremely high tensile strength steel, a joining method that doesn’t generate stress and the isotropic design opens up a world of opportunities. 

Hydrogen storage

Due to its low volumetric energy density, hydrogen requires either high pressure or low temperatures (below –253°C) to increase the energy density. Storage vessels have therefore been spherical or cylinder formed to ensure safe and efficient storage.

Up until now. The NITIU ILS® (Isotropic Lightweight Structure) is a prismatic, lightweight, strong, rigid, completely recyclable and fully isotropic construction of high-strength steel. Being isotropic means that ILS® withstands forces from all directions – even from within.

Carrying loads

The ILS® allows a higher proportion of the steel to be involved in carrying loads without compromising on weight, regardless of load direction.

Prismatic storage

Storing hydrogen in prismatic vessels instead of spheric or cylinder forms allows for maximum volume and energy density at minimum weight. This opens up opportunities to accelerate the transition to fossil free transportations.

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We are continuously discussing ideas and opportunities with entrepreneurs, large and small, around the globe. Strong, lightweight structures really open up a world of possibilities, not only for hydrogen storage vessels, even if that’s a brilliant start. 

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