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What if you could design storage vessels prismatic instead of spherical or cylinder formed?

There is a lot happening around hydrogen right now and no wonder. It’s the lightest of all known elements on earth and packed with energy. The energy efficiency of hydrogen is actually three times higher than for diesel or gasoline. Hence, it’s been used as energy carrier for decades.

Volume is the challenge. Due to its low volumetric energy density, hydrogen requires either high pressure or low temperatures (below –253°C) to increase the energy density. Storage vessels have therefore been spherical or cylinder formed to ensure safe and efficient storage.

Up until now. The NITIU ILS® (Isotropic Lightweight Structure) is a prismatic, lightweight, strong, rigid, completely recyclable and fully isotropic construction of high-strength steel. Being isotropic means that ILS® withstands forces from all directions – even from within.

It’s also scalable and allows for almost any design. Why not using a storage vessel as part of design structure for a bus, a building, an airplane or a spaceship? Where else would you require a strong, lightweight structure? 

Only imagination sets the limits.

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We are continuously discussing ideas and opportunities with entrepreneurs, large and small, around the globe. Strong, lightweight structures really open up a world of possibilities, not only for hydrogen storage vessels, even if that’s a brilliant start. 

Do you want to know more about ILS® or do you have an idea to discuss?

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