Our work

We connect science and industry insights to contribute to a fast transition to renewable energy use.
This ambition requires collaboration, outside the box-thinking and pure determination. 


Hydrogen is the lightest of all known elements on earth and it's packed with energy. Hence, it’s been used as energy carrier for decades, but volume has always been the challenge.


We have developed a solution to the energy storage challenge which provides safe, cost- and resource efficient storage of hydrogen in prismatic, space saving and stackable vessels.


We live on a planet with finite resources that humanity exploits quickly. This has to stop. We want to contribute to the transition into renewable energy. Our task is to accelerate change.

About us

As far as we know, we’ve designed the world’s strongest structure made by man. So what, you might think. Well, we think it’s a game changer. We aim for nothing less than a revolution for energy storage. Because the world needs to transform quickly from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and in order to do that, we need to find viable solutions for energy storage. Therefore, we’ve developed ILS®. 

Our context

NITIU is originally a network, or with modern wording a think-tank of researchers and entrepreneurs. Since the start in the 60s, the purpose has been to bounce ideas and challenge status quo. NITIU still works as an arena where academia and industry meet.

Our partners

Transformation requires a pool of brainpower, a variety of disciplines and a common determination to stretch boundaries. We've teamed up with the best: Sandvik, Linde and Statkraft just to mention a few, plus academia for science-based decisions.

Latest press and news

We are engineers and typically enjoy pondering over complex issues, trying to solve problems rather than talking about what we do externally. Sometimes, it happens anyway.